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A Tribute to the Old Days

Some things will never change. Here, then, are 18 Robert Pattinson icons. The photos from the Hackett campaign made me think of some really really hot, brooding earl in some swotty English estate. All hail Robert Pattinson, Pretty Boy extraordinaire! May I just add some of the writing on the text is exceedingly random. Also, HAPPY HOLI! :D

P.S. For those who actually keep up with what I promise, the Gary Lightbody icons will be up in the next post.


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Toy Story

You Are In The Presence Of Sheer Genius.

While I make my new batch of icons (which by the way features Robert Pattinson and Gary Lightbody *pimpwink*), why don't you feast your eyes on these works of genius my friends and I produced a couple of months back. Most of the drawings are by me, and the writing and some of the remaining sketches are by Sahana Srinivasan and Aditi Roy, God bless their perverted little souls.

A brief description is in order, I suppose. A few weeks back, we were supposed to be doing math. But why do math when you can write pervy childrens' books instead.


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Toy Story

Because My Inner Voice Asked Me To.

There are photos on which would blow the mind off of an autistic baboon. The second I saw them, I heard beautiful music, and my Inner Voice screamed out to me to make little 100x100 boxes out of them ALL. Well, I did what I could, and here they are. They're psychedelic little 100x100 cakes of mud, and sometimes I hate them, but when I'm in an indulgent mood, I allow complacence to set in, sometimes even permitting myself to purvey them with pride. This is a huge experiment, because I've never made icons like these before, and it scares me.
So, here's to beautiful photography, good music, and Death Cab's new album! (OMGSOEXCITEDEEEK! xD)


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Toy Story


YES! It's been months, but my baby is finally on the road! :D I missed iconing like crazy all these months, and it's inhuman how I've abstained from it for so long. Firstly, I have a new header now. Breathe a sigh of relief, that ugly Rob one is only a thing of your nightmares now. This new one is of my 3 month old puppy, Jet, and the text is from Munich by The Editors, a song I was listening to at the time.
Yeah, yeah, so I know the header's been up for ages, but I'd like to herald it formally in this post, so that it doesn't feel left IS one of my favourites to date! Check it out, and comment if you love it, hate it, or couldn't really care less. (DAMN i missed whoring for comments :D)

My icon making has grown extremely shoddy, and I am sorry. I need a hell of a lot of practice before I can start getting comfortable with textures once more. Oh well. Making icons again was fun, though! This lot spans about 10 days, and a whole range of moods, which is why most of them don't even look like they're all by the same person. The last few are experiments with colour, and I think I love them like I would love a baby. If I had one.
Don't forget the rules, kids:

I'd love for all of you to use my icons, as long as you give me credit.
Textless icons can be used as bases, but if you're nice enough, I trust you'll give me credit for the bases.
Please do comment if you're passing through. I love criticism, constructive or otherwise.
Don't hesitate to FRIEND ME for updates!!



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